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About Kaboom Scrub Free

Kaboom Scrub Free is an amazing cleaning product that everyone should have. Its a powerful cleaning product that is easily installed inside your toilet tank within a matter of seconds. Kaboom Scrub Free keeps your whole toilet clean including the bowl and under the rim for up to 3 months. There is no need for you to ever have to clean your toilet again thanks to this product. It automatically dispenses a powerful cleaning solution directly into the commode after each flush.

Being safe for not only your septic tank but the environment as well Scrub Free has been named as one of the new and innovated cleaning products. Its self efficient, simple, and saves you numerous hours of scrubbing your toilet. Unlike tabs which usually only last a few days or even evaporates or slides down the drain when flushed, the system is durable, and most of all it really works. Anyone can use this product and install it easily and you will start seeing it in action immediately after the first flush.

There is no need for you to scrub or clean your toilet ever again while using this product. It does all the work for you and the only requirement is to replace the cartridge with a fresh one every 3 months. The product never comes directly in contact with your tank so it poses no harm to the tank and only dispenses directly into the bowl. So again if you are tired of scrubbing your toilet only to have to repeat almost every other day then Kaboom Scrub Free is the product for you. Give it a chance and you will never have to scrub your toilet again.

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